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Lounge furniturecloseopen

Luminous LED table 50/50 for rent

Side tablescloseopen

Luminous LED table 50/50

Pure Design table for rent 110/60

Lounge table albert Ø80

Bloom lounge table Ø43

Bar & cocktail tablescloseopen

Bar counters & stoolscloseopen

Ruby barstool with short backrest

Bar counter bonnet

Tables & chairscloseopen

Stan design chair

Albert design chair

Segesta design chair for rent

Conference chair for rent


Showcase for rent 35/35

CL showcase rent 80/80 LED

Visio showcase rent 40/40

Visio showcase rent 50/50

Visio showcase rent 60/60

CLVS showcase rent 80/80 LED

CL showcase rent 50/200 door

SL Showcase 110/50 door & LED

CL lounge table with showcase


Philips tv screen for rent 43"

Samsung tv screen 75" for rent


Rent exhibition sideboard

Rent exhibition sideboard

Rent exhibition sideboard

Lighting technologycloseopen

Accu powered ambiance spotlight

Aris LED accu driver, for rent

LumX unit, accu LED driver for rent

Expo art lamp for rent

LED spotlight white for rent

Rent spotlight in RGB colours

100AH battery for rent

Event & fair accessoirscloseopen

Speaker's desk for rent

Rent smoke pillar

Rental Pinboard

Flipchart, whiteboard for rent

Retro cooler

Big mirror support rent

Mirror-support rent

Rent trash bin

Platform et canvas for rent

Ventilator for rent

Decoration, fire bowlscloseopen

Stand light for rent

Candelabra for rent

LED tea candles for rent

Rent rechargeable LED candles