Welcome desk 100/50

Welcome desk for rent 100/50

Rent the large welcome and information desk for events and trade fair stands.

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CL Welcome Desk 100/50 in white (Nr.10037)

in stock 174Pcs
from 240.00.-
from 188.00.-

Rent the multi-purpose welcome desk for events and trade fair stands. The desk is very robust and produced from high-end material. It is triple-layer high gloss varnished. Temporary branding with a logo, slogan or any other image is possible. By default it is available in black and white. The large welcome desk measures 100x50xH105cm. Custom-made productions in other dimensions or colours upon request. 

CL Welcome Desk 100/50 in black (Nr.10123)

in stock 44Pcs
from 240.00.-
from 188.00.-

CL Welcome Desk 100/50 with doors in white, lockable (Nr.10487)

in stock 23Pcs
from 0.00.-
from 0.00.-

CL Welcome Desk 100/50 with doors in black, lockable (Nr.10970)

in stock 12Pcs
from 0.00.-
from 0.00.-

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