CLV showcase 50/50 door

CLV Showcase rent 50/50 door & LED

Rent a modern glass showcases for exhibition

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CLV Show case 50/50 white LED & door (Nr.10907)

in stock 32Pcs
from 374.00.-
from 315.00.-

Present valuable goods, merchandises and pieces of art in our high-end glass showcases. The real glass Cube Lounge showcase 50/50 LED with door is based on a modern high gloss varnished pedestal. The inner display space is located at a hight of 105cm and measures 48x48xH46cm. The outer measures of the showcase measures 50x50xH155cm. The showcase is equipped with 2 battery powered LED spotlights and a lockable door which gives easy access to the display space. Upon request, individual branding as well as customised productions in other dimensions and various colours are possible.

CLV Show case 50/50 black LED & door (Nr.10906)

in stock 18Pcs
from 374.00.-
from 315.00.-

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