Rattan lounge elegance

High quality rattan lounge furniture for exclusive events.

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Rent Outdoor Rattan Lounge

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from 399.00.-

Rent Outdoor 3er Corner Rattan Lounge

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from 238.00.-

Rent Outdoor Backrest Rattan Lounge

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Rent Outdoor Table Rattan Lounge

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Rent Umbrella Rondo in withe

in stock 228Pcs
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from 48.00.-

Rent Umbrella Rondo in light grey

in stock 113Pcs
from 65.00.-
from 48.00.-

The exclusive cream-white coloured poly-rattan lounge. The modular construction gives room for individual arrangement. The exklusiv rattan lounge is the ideal rental furniture for an outdoor V.I.P area. Seat cushions are available in grey or blue. The standard version offers seating space for approximately 6-8 people. Measures:
 corner element: (215x95x60cm), backrest element (200x95x60cm)
, table element (120x68x25cm). The standard version requires a floorspace of 2,20 x 3,20 meters.

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