FS island lounge 8-10 ppl

FS island lounge with 8-10 seats

Rent high-end lounge furniture for special events.

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FS island set in white EPS 30 (8-10 pers) (Nr.20101)

in stock 52Pcs
from 789.00.-
from 552.00.-

Free Style island sets for rent. A Free Style island set offers space for approximately 8-10 people. Especially designed for professional use on events Free Style lounge furniture offers long-lasting seating comfort. The individual Free Style elements are easy to arrange and easily combinable with each other. Free Style lounge furniture is perfectly suitable several purposes such as for example corporate and promotion events, trade fair stands or weddings and other fancy events. Free Style furniture is fire safety certified according to CH norms 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3. Upon request, photorealistic images or logos can be printed onto the synthetic leather covers. Individual coverage is possible in a wide range of colours. A Free Style islands set consists of 3 seating elements (120x60xh40cm), 3 backrest elements (120x40xh66cm), 1 armrest element (100x30xh58cm) and 3 table elements (80x40xh46cm). A Free Style island set requires floor space of approximately 3 x 3.9 meters. 

FS island set in black EPS 30 (8-10 pers) (Nr.20102)

in stock 48Pcs
from 789.00.-
from 552.00.-

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