Small rental lounge

CL Lounge set for 4 pax

Space-saving, beautiful mini Cube Lounge suiting any occasion.

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CL 1er Mini Lounge set in black (4 pers) (Nr.20070)

in stock 33Pcs
from 155.00.-
from 108.00.-

A single mini Cube Lounge set offers space for up to 4 people. Designed for professional use, the Cube Lounge furnitures offers long-lasting seating comfort. It is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications, such as events, promotion purposes and trade fairs. Each Cube Lounge element can also be rented individually on a temporary basis. A Cube Longe single mini set contains: 5 one-seat elements (45x45xH40cm), 1 table bonnet for a one-seat element.

CL 1er Lounge set in black (4 pers) (Nr.20071)

in stock 28Pcs
from 155.00.-
from 108.00.-

CL 1er LED Lounge set in white (4 Pers) (Nr.20191)

in stock 35Pcs
from 260.00.-
from 135.00.-

CL 1er Mini LED Lounge set in black (4 pers) (Nr.20192)

in stock 32Pcs
from 260.00.-
from 135.00.-

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