CL four-seats element

Comfortable lounge elements in a timeless design.

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Four-seater element in white

in stock 490Pcs
from 60.00.-
from 42.00.-

Four-seater element in red

in stock 108Pcs
from 60.00.-
from 42.00.-

Four-seater element in black

in stock 268Pcs
from 60.00.-
from 42.00.-

Four-seater element in gold

in stock 44Pcs
from 60.00.-
from 42.00.-

Exclusive rental seating elements for professional use. Due to cold-cure molded foam paddings Cube Lounge four-seats rental couches offer a long-lasting seating comfort. The elements are specifically designed for exhibitions & events. Due to their light weight construction they are easy arrange. Four-seater element 150/45 Measure: l: 150cm / w: 45cm / h:40cm. They are fire protection certified according to CH norms 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3. Upon request, photorealistic prints can be printed onto the artificial leather covers. The elements are available in various different colours.

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