Lottery urn 25/90

Lottery urn for rent

Rent the large lottery column for raffles and lotteries and other drawings.

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Rent Competition urn 25/90 (Nr.10532)

in stock 24Pcs
from 98.00.-
from 49.00.-

Rent was the big competition column for your exhibition. Rent competition column for your competition at the exhibition event.. The attractive competition column offers enough space for a lot of competition lots. The competition Los Plexiglas container can be rented starting from one day. For your booth rent the attractive Los column. Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 90cm, Transparent Available as custom product in various sizes.

Rent lottery urn

Rent practical plexiglas raffle urn for events and other occastions.

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Competition urn for rent 30/30 (Nr.10417)

in stock 20Pcs
from 59.00.-
from 34.00.-

Rent this practical raffle urn which is made from plexiglas. The urn is particularly designed for raffle drawings of any kind. The cubic urn is transparent and measures 30x30x30cm.

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Rent Competition urn 25/90

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