Decorative glass bowl

Rent decoration glass bowls

Rent decorative glass bowls in order to decorate tables and other furniture.

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Flat glass bowl 30cm (Nr.10063)

in stock 34Pcs
from 22.00.-
from 16.00.-

Rent glass decoration bowls in different sizes in order to decorate table and other furniture. The serve as vases or may be filled with candles or decoration material.

Medium glass bowl 14.5/18cm (Nr.10065)

in stock 23Pcs
from 19.00.-
from 11.00.-

High glass bowl 10/25cm (Nr.10064)

in stock 48Pcs
from 14.00.-
from 9.00.-

Big glass bowl 28/55cm (Nr.10066)

in stock 12Pcs
from 26.00.-
from 24.00.-

Glass bow corner 15x15 (Nr.10497)

in stock 54Pcs
from 15.00.-
from 9.00.-

Flat glass bowl gold 10x10xH10cm (Nr.10940)

in stock 30Pcs
from 14.00.-
from 9.00.-

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