Bar counter 60/60 corner

Bar counter corner

Complement Cube Lounge bar counter elements with matching bar corner elements.

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CL Bar corner element 60/60 in white (Nr.10612)

in stock 52Pcs
from 254.00.-
from 165.00.-

Rent complementary bar corner elements which match perfectly with Cube Lounge bar elements 100/60 and 150/60 as well as with the LED luminous bar element 118/60 and the bar counter 100/50. The corner elements are constructed in a very robust way and are finished with triple-layer high gloss varnish. The standard bar corner element is available in black or white and measures 60x60xH120cm. However, upon request, customised productions on other colours and with other dimensions are also possible. 



CL Bar corner element 60/60 in black (Nr.10607)

in stock 28Pcs
from 254.00.-
from 165.00.-

CL bar elements 150/60 in white (Nr.10030)

in stock 132Pcs
from 374.00.-
from 268.00.-

CL bar element 150/60 in black (Nr.10029)

in stock 42Pcs
from 374.00.-
from 268.00.-

LED CL bar element 118/60 in white (Nr.10435)

in stock 28Pcs
from 438.00.-
from 299.00.-

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