Cubic stand-up table LED

Luminous stand-up table

Eye-catching luminous stand-up tables for exclusive events.

Colour LED illumination table (Nr.20082)

in stock 344Pcs
from 169.00.-
from 127.00.-

The exclusive luminous stand-up table is powered with a high-performance battery which runs for more than 24 hours. The cubic table is made from plexiglas and can be illuminated in several different colours. Brightness, colour changes and several light effects may be easily programmed via remote control. The cubic plexiglas tables can be temporarily branded with a logo, slogan or any other image. The luminous cubic stand-up table includes 1 plexiglass case, 1 LUMIX illumination driver, 1 charging cable and 1 remote control device. It measures 50x50xH105cm.

Rent LED Accu Light LumX (Nr.10322)

in stock 340Pcs
from 137.00.-
from 93.00.-

Rent LED light Aris (Nr.10237)

in stock 115Pcs
from 135.00.-
from 94.00.-

Bar stool Balena white (Nr.10038)

in stock 2240Pcs
from 29.00.-
from 21.00.-

Design bar stool Balena black (Nr.10703)

in stock 268Pcs
from 29.00.-
from 21.00.-

Design bar stool Bormio in withe (Nr.10293)

in stock 780Pcs
from 39.00.-
from 27.00.-

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