Quadro sofa 805

QS 805 4-seater couch for rent

Design Sofa with a classy frame system and padded arm- and backrests.

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Four-seater couch QS 805 in white (Nr.20073)

in stock 48Pcs
from 488.00.-
from 359.00.-

The 4-seater rental couch from the Quadro Studio design line combines individuality with a timeless design and high seating comfort. The modular design sofa offers comfortable seating space for up to 4 people. The Quadro Studio 805 design is a standard solution which is based on Cube System (Pad. Pend.). A flexible, modular furniture system with a few elements which may be combined and arranged in various ways. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about Cube System (Pat. Pend.). The Quadro Studio design sofa measures: 240x100xH66cm.  

Four-seater couch QS 805 in black (Nr.20074)

in stock 0Pcs
from 488.00.-
from 51.00.-

QS 105 4-seater couch

High quality Quadro Studio designer couch.

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QS 105 four-seater couch in white (Nr.20052)

in stock 34Pcs
from 485.00.-
from 359.00.-

Rent the modern design sofa Quadro Studio for stylish events. The Quadro Studio 105 sofa is based on Cube System (Pad. Pend.), which is a modular and therefore very flexible furniture system. Standard elements may be arranged in various ways and put together with a stainless steal frame system. For further information about Cube System (Pad. Pend.) do not hesitate do contact us. The standard Quadro Studio 105 sofa measures: 240x100xH66cm and offers seating space for up to 4 people.

QS 105 four-seater couch rental in black (Nr.20072)

in stock 41Pcs
from 485.00.-
from 359.00.-

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