Quality is our standard

In our service, office and design department, we provide complete discretion, flexible project-managment and precise execution. "SWISS MADE" quality is our principle and success. The whole Creativework assortment is made under highest quality standards. Raw-materials and ingredients are exclusively bought in Switzerland to ensure quality and delivery in due time. As well as for single production as for serial or special-production we produce best Swiss quality.

Creativework AG vouches for high quality service and products with its name.


The basic material has a big influence on the final quality and the long-life cycle of a product. From the very beginning we make high demands on all materials. Stability, durability, low environmental impact and of course your intended use of the furniture are only some of the criteria which influence our accurate selection of the best material. Visit us and get inspired by our materials.

The quality lies in the detail


We focus on quality. Exclusive rental furniture is made dimensionally accurate to the highest quality standards. Any rental furniture is made in Switzerland. We pay attention to the highest Quality from the choice of materials through processing up to delivery of our high-class rental furniture. Convince yourself and visit us. We will gladly show you our high-quality products.

Quality rental furniture


With a tolerance of only hundredth of millimetres, our full automatic CNC machine cuts, drills and mills  providing the basis for high-precise wood elements. For single and special productions we offer computer assisted possibilities. This procedure guarantees efficient and precise wood work. You can visit us to see how this machine works. For appointments, please ask us in advance.

The most precise way

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