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Rent showcases

We offer many different models on showcases and display cabinets. This allows you to find the ideal solution in order to display your exhibits and samples. Below we have put together some information which you should take into consideration when rending display and presentation furniture.

What you should take into consideration when renting showcases or display cabinets.

Table with integrated showcase

We offer a wide range on different display cabinets and showcases. Apart from vertical showcases we offer classy lounge lounge tables with integrated showcase. The lounge table measures 160x80x50H centimeters. The integrated display cabinet measures 50x50 centimeters and is 3.5 centimeters deep. Place the objects you have for display in the display cabinet which is located in the middle of the table and protected by a real glass plate. It is an eye-catcher for promotional events. The table is ideal for keep the objects you may talk about with your clients or visitors in the spotlight. We also offer matching lounge and seating furniture.

Exclusive rental showcases and display cabinets. Why not renting a classy lounge table with integrated showcase?

Rent vertical showcases

It is important to take into consideration where the showcase will be set up and under which light conditions the event takes place. Often it is difficult to connect power wires in a save way to the next power outlet. Therefore we offer battery powered lighting for your showcases. This allows for placing a showcase also in a central position at your exhibition stand. Apart from that, we offer lockable and secured display cabinets in order to display valuable goods to the public. Our showcases are usually put onto a classy high gloss varnished pedestal in white or black, so that the showcase is placed at a good hight. In regard of size we offer showcases starting from 30x30 centimeters up to dimensions of 120x60 centimeters. Temporary branding on the pedestal with a logo, slogan or any other image is easily possible. 

Several different models of vertical showcases for rent

Supplements for showcases

In order to display watches, jewellery, art pieces and other valuable goods in a secure way you can equip showcases with a secure cylinder lock. Most of our showcases can be equipped with an supplementary cylinder lock. Some of our showcases have fix lighting installations, others may be equipped with supplementary lighting in order to put the display objects into the spotlight. For all our showcases we offer supplementary wire-less power supply. Upon request, custom-made showcases in individual dimensions and various colours are also available. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request. We gladly consult you in person. 

Functional and practical supplements for our rental showcases.

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