Hints for renting furniture

Are you in charge of the challenging, yet exciting task of planning and event? Are you about to redesign the trade exposition appearance of your company? Use our roomplanner in order to plan arrangement and rearrangement of the furniture setting in your event location. Often the event location is considered as given and the ground plot is not that flexible. The Creativework roomplanner allows you to sketch a ground plot and plan the furnishing of the location with our rental furniture. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

This is how you find adequate rental furniture for events or trade exposition stands.

Create an account

Start with creating an account at my.creativework and log in to your account. With an account at my.creativework you have unrestricted access to our roomplanning tool for events. Sketch the ground plot of your location and start furnishing the space with our rental furniture. You can save your setting and arrange and rearrange furniture just the way you like. As soon as you got your furniture setting right you may create a watchlist and ask for a non-binding offer. It takes only a few clicks. For further information about our roomplanner tool, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Profit from access to all functions of our roomplanner.

A clear setting

After you have designed your setting with our rental furniture you will find a list with all the rental products which are necessary in order to realise your desired setting. The roomplanner also calculates the number of seating and standing places which can be offered with a respective setting. You can print the plan of your setting, save any setting and use the output from our roomplanner in order to discuss and plan your event. It s easy to adjust your setting and make rearrangements and get a new plan. Use our roomplanner for planning your event. Once you found the setting which corresponds best with your vision you may demand a non-binding offer with only a few clicks.

Intelligent planning and a clear arrangement is only a few clicks away.

Get an offer

Once you have found the rental furniture setting which corresponds best with your visions you can ask for a non-binding offer with only a few clicks. As soon as you have completed a specific setting you will find a list with all necessary rental products which you will need for the realisation of the plan. The next step is to enter the dates and location of your event so that we can align your demand with our rental stock and make you an offer. Before agreeing to a specific setting you may change your plan and your setting at any point of time. Just log in to my.creativework, rearrange your setting and ask for a new non-binding offer. The system is flexible so that you can adjust the ground plot as well as the rental furniture setting by drag'n'drop. Create an account on my.creativework now and plan your upcoming event with our roomplanner. It s easy! 

Get an offer based on the settings you have sketched with our roomplanner.

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