Renting standing table

Tips and tricks on renting standing tables

Regarding the wide variety of rental tables it is not easy to keep track of all the options. Rental furniture is available in countless different designs and qualities. 

We advise you to firstly become aware on the desired optics and the necessary functionality of the standing tables which you would like to rent for your event. What is the exact application of the furniture you consider to rent and how much space is there available in the venue?

In the case of a product presentation at a commercial exposition it might be helpful if the table is designed for running a power cable all the way up to the table board. You may also want to rent a lockable drawer in order to securely store your products. For a wedding or dinner reception however, a cocktail table with a matching slip cover might be the right choice. 

Standing tables for commercial exhibition stands

Especially in a trade fair setting there is often the need for multifunctional and space efficient standing tables which may be used in several ways. We may offer you standing tables and information or advisory counters in various adaptations. Certain models are for example equipped with cable channels so that you may operate electronic devices on or next to the rental table while the cable disappears in the dedicated cable channel. Other models are equipped with battery-powered lighting or have a glass showcase inside the table board or on top of it. Here you will find a good choice of different rental standing tables which we let for events and other occasions.

Standing tables for events

While planning the rental of standing tables for an event settings you may reflect on how rental furniture should match with decorative elements or the theme of the event. For example regarding the hight and the size of the table board so that it provides enough space for decorative objects and an appropriate place cover. You may also consider in how far a certain furniture design matches with the design and architecture of the event location. Here you will find high table, standing tables and cocktail tables for events and other occasions. Here we offer a variety of banquet tables and other tables with chairs for events and other occasions. Please note that the optimal table hight for a seated event is about 105cm to 110cm.

We gladly give advise

At Creativework we especially focus on the visual appearance and the quality of our rental furniture.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we gladly give advise and consult you regarding the choice of the suitable rental furnishing for your event. Dial +41 52 242 77 22 in order to talk in person to our rental experts.

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