Renting bar furniture

Bar rental tips

It s easily said to just rent the matching furniture for an event in order to not have to care much about the furniture setting for now. However, rental furniture is available in different qualities and at an extensive variety of designs. In addition to that there are also many individual functionalities available which may make certain pieces of our rental bar furniture matching your needs much better than an other pieces. In order to support you in the process of finding the right furniture for your bar setting we have compiled a short overview on what is necessary to consider when planning to rent furniture for a bar setting.

Rent bar furnishing for an exhibition of trade fair stand

In an exhibition of trade fair setting it is not always straight forward to combine optic requirements with functionality and the right quality of a rental furniture installation. Here you will find rental bar units which are easily combinable with each other as well as matching bar stools. The rental bar counters can easily be temporary branded with a logo or a photorealistic print. Most of our rental bar elements are equipped with storage shelves and most rental bar elements also have separate working and servicing boards. Usually there is enough space underneath the bar elements so that a refrigerator can be installed and enough storage space is available. Upon request we can also illuminate some of our rental bar elements with special battery powered LED lighting. However, please be aware that the illumination technology installation will take some of the storage space inside the bar element and might be conflicting with the installation of a refrigerator right underneath the working board. 

Rent bar units for events

Regarding the rental of bar elements and bar units for events specifically, we can recommend various rental bar combinations and settings which we can provide in smaller and larger quantities. For an event bar setting the weight of the individual bar elements might be a key for a good installations, especially if you except your event to be crowded. Generally we recommend a rather heavy and stable bar design. Here you will find an overview over the variety of rental furniture which we usually provide for bar settings. Please also pay special attention to our LED illuminated bar elements and to our stylish retro bar refrigerator.

We gladly give advise

At Creativework we especially focus on the visual appearance and the quality of our rental furniture.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we gladly give advise and consult you regarding the choice of the suitable rental furnishing for your event. Dial +41 52 242 77 22 in order to talk in person to our rental experts.

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