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Which rental counter fits best for my event and which gadgets and applications are already well proven in their functionality? Even though rental furniture is usually only used for a short period of time, it is important that it matches well with the very individual requirements of their specific application. Here you will find counters in various designs. In order to meet the highest standards and to satisfy our customers needs, we continuously develop and produce new rental furniture in new designs and with better functionality. Hence, if you are looking for rental furniture with a very specific design, quality of functionality please do not hesitate to contact us. We have experience in specifically design new furniture according to the needs of future customers.

Regarding the application of our rental counters we usually distinguish between event application, (trade) exhibition application and promotional application. However, over the years have already provided furniture for various occasions. 

Counters for trade fair settings

When using representative rental counters at exhibition stands, the functionality of the furniture and the appearance to the customer or prospective buyer play a central role. Therefore it is absolutely key to pick a suitable rental counter (regarding design, quality and functionality, etc.) to be installed as an welcome desk, information counter or consulting table at a trade fair stand. Hight, and size as well as possibilities regarding a temporary branding with a logo or a photorealistic print play an important role. Furthermore, workflows of the staff at the counter, visitor flows as well as the necessity for seating occasions should be well considered before deciding for a specific rental furniture setting.

Counters for event settings

At many events, a rental counter may be used in different ways and several function. Our rental counters are mainly used as bar counters and information counters or for promotional purposes. However, they are often also used as welcome desk or reception desk at the entrance of an event venue or as servicing counter at the cloakroom. As a consequence to such manifold applications, the requirements regarding rental furniture varies widely. Outdoor installations must be weatherproof, bar counters must be functional and look fancy at the same time, while a welcome desk may be easily labeled with a temporary logo. From our experience we recommend counters at a hight of 105cm for cloakrooms while a bar counter certainly should be at least 120cm high.

Counters for promotional settings

Rental furniture for promotional use such as rental counters are often positioned in the spotlight at commercial events, exhibitions or at a trade fair stand. Consequently optics, design as well as branding or labeling play an important role. Depending on the specific functionality of the rental furniture it is important to reflect on certain specifications of the furniture. For a sampling promotion it is important to consider enough storage space in order to have a good stock of product samples available at the spot. For product presentations a professional lighting and security aspects (e.g. protection from theft) should be taken into consideration. For such purposes we may provide lockable showcases or high-quality battery powered LED lighting. Based on many years of experience in providing rental furniture for promotional events we gladly give you advise already during the planning phase of your promotional event. Please note, that many of our rental counters can easily be branded or labeled with an imprint of a logo oder other images and information. 

We gladly give advise

At Creativework we especially focus on the visual appearance and the quality of our rental furniture. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we gladly give advise and consult you regarding the choice of the suitable rental furnishing for your event. Dial +41 52 242 77 22 in order to talk in person to our rental experts.

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