Fire decoration - VIP entrance

The first impression counts

If you are planning an exclusive event do not forget to consider fancy decoration for outside and entrance areas. People often say that the first impression counts and that is also true for events. Impress you guests with exclusive rental furniture and fire decoration. Among high-end rental furniture we also let accessories, such as for example red carpets, smokeless fire bowls and torches, welcome and information stands, et cetera. Below you will find a few hints in regard or design and setting of entrance areas on events.

Rent fancy furniture for the entrance area at your event.

Entrance area

Depending on the season of the year, the time of arrival of your guest and the latest weather forecast the entrance setting of an event might be designed and set up in a completely different way.

Rent a fancy carpet in order to welcome your guests at your event. We can provide carpets in several different colours. For esthetic purposes and for the safety of your guets it is important to set up a carpet free from creases and fold-marks. Do also make sure that the carpet is fixed to the ground at least with strong double-faced adhesive tape. If you await a larger number of people, also take into account to install an adequate people guidance system and clear signage.  

For events which take place in the eventing or at night we also suggest outdoor lighting in the entrance area. We offer battery powered LED atmosphere lights and spotlights as well as fire bowls in different sizes and torches.

Making the right choice in regard of the decoration of the entrance area is essential.

A flamboyant or ostentatious setting

An ostentatious elegant decoration is a must for a VIP entrance at an exclusive event. We suggest you to rent our fancy fire torches, fire columns and fire bowls together with a red carpet and a crowd control system with elegant cords. In addition to that, atmospheric outdoor lighting may be installed as well. If there is a spacious entrance area, you may also install our large fire bowls with a diameter of 120 centimeters. Our fire decoration is operated with a special combustible gel which burns smoke-free. Therefore, our rental fire decoration may be even installed in places close to the public. However, during and after operation, fire decoration must always be under surveillance! For further information on how to design and set-up your entrance setting, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Design the VIP entrance with flamboyant or ostentatious decoration.

All around the entrance area

Small but important details are often overseen. From our experience we know that especially signage, crowd guidance systems and accessories, such as ashtrays, umbrella stands and litter bins are often overseen during the planning of an event. Especially during winter time, as well as in spring and autumn it is also important to provide enough coat racks for your guests. 

We offer accessories and event furniture in many variations for exclusive events. Our standard rental products you will find on this website. However, upon request, we may also provide you with custom-made productions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any request and note that we provide a complete premium service including transportation and assembling of our rental material.

Important details in regard of a good setting at the VIP entrance of your event

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